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The Travel Box International Wants To Take You To Space!

Is space the final frontier? Is there something out there? Space travel is safer, more comfortable, and even more thrilling than you can imagine. The Travel Box International is one of the few authorized sellers of Space Perspective space flights. An elegant spherical exterior maximizes the 360-degree panoramic views via the largest-ever, patented windows to be taken to the edge of space and a roomy Space Lounge interior, offering plenty of headroom as Explorers move around the capsule. The proprietary splash cone ensures Spaceship Neptune’s ocean landing is gentle and safe.


Explorers on board Spaceship Neptune, taking flight commercially from the end of 2024, will safely ascend to the edge of space in the climate-controlled, pressurized capsule, propelled by a patented SpaceBalloonTM, absorbing the phenomenal beauty of Earth from space.


The six-hour round trip enables anybody who can board an airplane to soak in the beautiful views of the thin blue line circling the earth below and the dark vastness of space above.

A hot air balloon flying over the ocean.

Take Your Place In Space History

Welcome, Explorer

From the moment your deposit is confirmed, you become a member of the Space Perspective Explorer community and a VIP traveler with The Travel Box International. We’ll welcome you with a package that provides details about your journey and many other benefits. You’ll receive regular updates from our team, introductions to fellow Explorers and the Space Perspective team, exclusive event invitations, and more. As your flight date approaches, you’ll be guided through your travel to our launch site, accommodations on site, and a range of bespoke amenities and services.

A half moon is shown with the earth in it.
A view of the ocean from above shows a large blue body.

On-Site Before Liftoff

On site before lift off and so much more to come.

All your questions answered and we will, with your permission, connect you with other space travelers.

Throughout the process we are available around the clock for all your questions, concerns and requests.  Upon your arrival at the lift off location, you'll be able to simply enjoy time with your friends, family, and fellow Explorers as you prepare yourself for the life-changing experience that awaits.

Your Journey

Space Perspective has designed your journey to be exhilarating and celebratory, with ample time for quiet contemplation. Astronauts refer to the impact of seeing Planet Earth from space as a paradigm shift that forever changes their outlook.

Over six unforgettable hours, you will ascend to the edge of space and join the lucky few—only about 600—who have looked down at our home from above.


Your experience is highly customizable - from the menu and cocktails onboard to the soundtrack and lighting, your individual preferences may be incorporated into your flight.

A view of the sun setting from inside an airplane.
A blue and white balloon is in the sky

Next Stop: The Edge Of Space

Buoyed by our SpaceBalloon™ — large enough when fully inflated to comfortably house the Statue of Liberty — Neptune will climb slowly and smoothly, giving Explorers time to take in the sights during the ascent.

Your pilot will provide fascinating insights and answers to any questions you might have about the journey throughout.

The World’s Only Carbon-Neutral Spaceship

Sustainable By Design: The SpaceBalloon

Spaceship Neptune is lifted to space by our SpaceBalloon, propelled by renewable hydrogen, with no rockets and none of the associated carbon footprint. Rather than blasting off, it will rise slowly at 12mph, making the experience accessible to anyone medically fit to fly with a commercial airline.

The balloon is a proven technology, used for decades already by their teams on missions with NASA and other government agencies to lift research telescopes and other heavy, sensitive instruments.

A balloon floating in the sky with a blue glow.
A view of the sun from space.

The Reserve Descent System

In addition to the primary flight system, Neptune is equipped with a backup descent system — four parachutes situated between the capsule and the SpaceBalloon. The chutes can take over for its primary systems seamlessly and instantaneously in the event of a contingency, to ensure a safe landing.

This kind of parachute has been used by space-faring agencies on more than a thousand flights over decades, with a 100 percent success rate.

Welcome Aboard!

The pressurized, roomy capsule, where every seat is the best seat in the house, allows Space Explorers to experience the majesty of gliding through space while sipping their beverage of choice.

The lounge is spacious enough for Explorers to stand and move freely within, and a steady Wi-Fi signal keeps you as connected as you wish to be to your friends and family far below.

Two people looking out a window at the night sky.
A reflection of the earth in a mirror ball.

The Travel Box International Bonus

The Travel Box International clients will receive an additional $2,000 rebate per passenger upon their return to planet earth.

A Pre-Launch Flight Offer is now available and begins at $125,000 per passenger with a $1000 refundable deposit.

If you are ready to take the leap into space travel and want to be one of the first aboard a Space Perspective flight, click the link below to be contacted by one of our Space Travel Specialists.